Hungry for web design

feeling peckish?

I may be the Gordon Ramsay of Web Design

No, I am not a huge success or have any real talent. No, I'm not famous or super rich, but I do have a receding hairline and swear often.

My name is Remco, I am a web design student and this is my portfolio. I am always looking to improve my websites and add something cool like an animation or two. Sadly, not everyone likes the animations, so it's a bit like cooking. I think something is amazing whilst everyone else is like... 'what the hell is this'?

Web Design is a lot like working in a kitchen. It is stressful, it doesn't always go the way you like it to go and it sometimes just doesn't work. Sometimes I just put some ingredients together and hope for the best. Anyway, I am hungry now, bye.



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